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Welcome the God of Wealth for the Fire Rooster Year!

Li Chun or the first season of the Year of the Ding You Rooster (丁酉) commences at 11.49 pm (LST) on February 3rd. However welcoming Cai Shen or the 'God of Wealth' at the Lunar New Year is another particularly important event in the Chinese New Year Festival.

In 2017 the first day of the first Lunar Month commences on January 28th and Cai Shen arrives from the South East (123°) very early in the morning between 1.00 to 3.00 am. The most auspicious time to receive Cai Shen is actually 1.40 am LST or 2.40 am if you are observing DST.

If you would like to invite Cai Shen into your home then follow these steps and may you enjoy much happiness, health, success and prosperity in the Year of the Fire Rooster!

The first thing you must do is to clean your home, paying particular attention to all the main ch'i openings (windows and doors) that are located in the South East, as this is the direction that Cai Shen is arriving from.

Start at the main entrance and work your way around in a clockwise direction. Ideally kaffir lime juice and leaves should be added to your bucket of water for extra cleansing properties, but this is up to you.

Alternately you can also use a few drops of Kaffir Lime Essential Oil which is available online from Feng Shui Today or directly from Rose at Feng Shui Living - phone 0421 300 850.

Please note that this type of spring cleaning can be done at any time, but is really best done during auspicious days leading up to the Lunar New Year and those remaining dates are:

• January 25 - Avoid cleaning if born in the Horse year
• January 27 - Avoid cleaning if born in the Monkey year

Just before 1.00 am LST (or 2.00 am DST) on the morning of Januaary 28th you should shower and change into fresh clothes in order to demonstrate your sincerity. Then open all South East facing windows or doors in order to receive the auspicious ch'i into your home.

Following this light 3 tea-light candles and place them in the South East sector of your home. Please do so safely and do not leave them unattended.

At 1.40 am LST or 2.40 am DST stand (or sit) next to the open window or in the door way and face towards the South East. Inhale the prosperous influences, welcome them into your home and visualize the positive goals you wish to achieve this year in both your professional and personal life.

Alternatively you can burn 3 sticks of incense in the South East sector of your home, bow three times and sincerely pray for well wishes, whilst inviting Cai Shen to come into your home.

All the best for 2017 and Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!

Crown Casino Zodiac Spectacular - 2017

Last year l was pleased to advise on the design of the Chinese New Year Zodiac Display in the Atrium at Crown Casino. The positive response it received from patrons and visitors alike was heartwarming.

This year l am delighted that these 12 fabulous Zodiac Animals will feature once again on the grand staircase in the Atrium at Crown Casino during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. l have also written Zodiac Forecasts which give you a general outline for the Rooster Year, according to your animal sign.

However please remember that these forecasts are based only on your birth year and for a more detailed assessment you should seek a full 4 Pillars of Destiny reading. These are available from me for the special price of $218.

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