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15 Jan

The Age - Chaos Theory

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"If everything is placed in accordance to feng shui principles, we can create a happy, healthy and prosperous environment," says Janene Laird, of ShenChi-Feng Shui. "But first I tell my clients to clean up. Nothing can be done in a cluttered environment."

Enter sisters Meg Hardy and Julie Lyons, who established Neatliving in Melbourne last year. A former teacher and a banker, they had identified a niche where they could put their formidable organisational skills to use.

"Decluttering is about working with the space you've got. It's about not being overwhelmed by chaos," says Hardy. "If you've got too much or it's not working for you, you've got to get rid of it. And people need help purging. It's very difficult to let go by yourself. But once you're organised, it is much easier to keep organised."

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