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May, June, July and August have flown by so quickly!

May, June, July and August have flown by so quickly that I can’t believe it has been nearly four months since I last updated my Blog. Before you know it Christmas will be upon us and we’ll all be wondering where the year went!

During the first week of May Master Mas Kerhartham (founder of the International Feng ShuiInstitute of Thailand)paid his very first visit to Melbourne and instructed a group of us in his Advanced City Landform Master Class. 

It was a wonderful four day course which included 3 days in the classroom and culminated on the 4th day with a field trip Master_Mas_Class_Melbourne_2011aaround various sites within the Melbourne CBD, including the Crown Casino, Yarra River, Flinders Street Station, Collins Street, Windsor Hotel and China Town. This comprehensive landform course really highlighted certain theories and understandings of 'Qi' flow, which not only helped us to pinpoint beneficial commercial and residential locations, but also to identify and select sites with the ideal urban landform.

Master Mas was a wonderful teacher and his gentle sense of humour and willingness to embrace the best of Melbourne’s fine wine and food culture certainly enriched the whole experience! Hopefully Master Mas will be coming out to Sydney next year to run this amazing course for all our friends who live in the beautiful ‘harbour city’.

Buckingham_PalaceDuring June I took a break from my studies and consultancy practice and visited my brother and his family in London. He is one of Queen Elizabeth’s senior coachmen and lives at the Royal Mews, which is of course attached to Buckingham Palace! I must confess that very little thought was given to Feng Shui during the first week of my visit, as I was busy attending various grand occasions including Trooping of the Colours (standing inside the forecourt of Buckingham Palace), Royal Albert Hall (seated in the Royal Box), The Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle, Royal Ascot (don’t ask about the Pims and Gin Blushes) and of course the sales at Harrods! It was tough, but someone had to do it!

During the second and third week of my stay I finally had time to relax a little and began to observe the landform surrounding Buckingham Palace, which of course includes the Queen Victoria Memorial and roundabout, Green Park, Saint James Park, The Mall and Birdcage Walk. I have taken many photos and made many notes concerning the landform and flow of Qi and will endeavor to put these all together into an article in the not too distant future. By the way I had the opportunity on a couple of occasions to see Kate and William up close and they are both just as gorgeous as theySiuLeyau appear to be on television!

During July I was back in Singapore and focused once again on my Feng Shui studies.  On the weekend of the 20th & 21st of July I participated in a Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection course run by a Malaysian Grand Master, Sifu Leyau.  He may not be familiar to many of you as he is quite a humble and modest man, but I learnt a lot over that weekend and certainly sharpened my Date Selection skills.

During the middle of July I also began a five week course with Grand Master Vincent Koh on Zi Wei Dou Shu (otherwise known as Purple Star Astrology) and in the ensuing weeks I have really come to appreciate the benefits of using this form of Chinese Astrology in my consultations; in addition of course to the better known IV Pillars of Destiny or BaZi. I won’t elaborate on this now, but I will certainly talk more about it in my next Blog.

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