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Sydney - Star City Casino Dragon 2015

In 2015 I was asked to advise on the design of Star Casino’s Celestial Dragon in my capacity as an Accredited Feng Shui Master.

The Dragon is of course the most popular and powerful good fortune symbol in Chinese culture and also in Feng Shui. Therefore it was important to ensure that the design details and general representation were accurate and authentic.

As such the first thing to remember is not to use a Dragon with five claws, as this is the Imperial Dragon and the Yang energies which it symbolizes are too strong for ‘ordinary’ people. Instead it was more appropriate to create a four clawed Dragon.

Another important detail was to make sure the Dragon looked relatively fat, happy and prosperous, as this suggests an abundance of money, good health, family and food. Also whilst the Dragon is certainly a powerful creature, his general demeanor should still be somewhat benevolent as we wanted to give patrons an overall sense of welcome.

Finally the direction traditionally associated with the Dragon is the East and this relates to the Wood element. Therefore it was an option to incorporate some Wood colours (such as green or blue) into the overall colour scheme. However in this case we felt that red and gold were more auspicious for the Star Casino Celestial Dragon, as these colours symbolize money and prosperity.

I’m sure you will agree that the final design of the Star Casino’s Celestial Dragon was really magnificent and he continues to proudly stand watch each year and welcome patrons and prosperity to this grand Sydney venue!

The Star Dragon



The Star Dragon Feng Shui

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