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During a visit to Shanghai I found a bundle of old 1920’s Chinese letters deep in the back room of a dusty shop off one of the busy streets near Yuyuan Market. 

Once translated this lovely script was in fact a copy of a poem titled  ‘A SONG OF PURE HAPPINESS’ and describes the love story between the Tang Dynasty emperor Xuanzong and his high-ranking and famously beautiful concubine Yang Yuhuan.   P1010093

I hope you enjoy reading this wonderful old piece of Chinese literature and I thank Ye-ting Zang for translating it for me.  I also look  forward to sharing lots of Feng Shui facts and tips with you over the coming ‘Year of the Tiger’.  – Janene





Her dress reminds of clouds, and her beauty of peonies, 

The spring wind strokes her and on her dewdrops twinkle.

   If this celestial maiden is not seen on the mountain of the Mother Goddess, 

Would be met under the moonlight at the fairies’ palace.


 There’s a perfume moist from a shaft of red blossom,

And a mist, through the heart, from the magical Hill of Wu- 

The palaces of China have never known such beauty-

Not even Flying Swallow with all her glittering garments.

Lovely now together, his lady and his flowers

Lighten for ever the Emperor’s eye, 

As he listens to the sighing of the far spring wind

Where she leans on a railing in the Aloe Pavilion.


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